Efficient tools for the analysis of high-resolution genomics data in R.

Explore the documentation: https://mdeber.github.io/


BRGenomics can be installed directly from Bioconductor:

if (!"BiocManager" %in% installed.packages())

Alternatively, the latest development version can be installed from GitHub:

if (!"remotes" %in% installed.packages())

If you install the development version from Github and you’re using Windows, Rtools for Windows is required.


See the documentation website, which includes an introductory vignette, as well as the documentation for currently implemented functions, complete with demonstrative example code. The package currently includes example PRO-seq data[1].

Limitations for Windows users

  • No support for parallel/multicore processing
  • No support for import bigWig files

  1. Hojoong Kwak, Nicholas J. Fuda, Leighton J. Core, John T. Lis (2013). Precise Maps of RNA Polymerase Reveal How Promoters Direct Initiation and Pausing. Science 339(6122): 950–953. https://doi.org/10.1126/science.1229386